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No fast lending business deal is the same as another, as the saying goes: “The difference is in the details.” Although many lending and loan companies are willing to help and secure the desired financing of many borrowers, not all of them offer favorable terms. Our business loans directly form a business lender are here to help you.

It has never been easier to find legitimate, reliable and secure credit offers like these days, especially when you need fast loans. We do not believe that you should sacrifice your current financial condition by trying to secure your future. Nor do we believe that you need to get instant cash should expose you to very high or abusive interest rates.

Our goal is to connect people and companies with loans and financing according to their needs, loans for women, small businesses, entrepreneurs, wage earners, military, specific loans, between individuals and for family members. We want to see you become a truly personal and business success story.

The information we post here is reliable both on credit and loans, as much as the ones for small business and commercial credit. We are making this situation as convenient as possible for anyone who wants to borrow money by disclosing good loan options. We are also breaking down traditional barriers to leveling other alternatives such as Peer to peer lending and Crowdfunding and more favorable credit conditions for both sides for borrowers and investors.

Online loans in high-quality companies

Online loans in high quality companies

What makes some online loans worth more and draw your attention more than others? It all depends on the circumstances that define how your business operates. You can benefit from a long-term loan, a personal credit line, working capital or a pre-approved loan, and even with loan sharks.

No matter what type or model you choose, however, you need to choose financial service providers that take into account your situation. In short, you deserve to have creditors who are willing to know your actual borrower conditions.

For a long time, entrepreneurs have associated quick loans for companies with financial products. Being a corporate leader, you are already living with enough stress, so the last thing you want is to feel forced to sacrifice the quality of your business with poorly executed financial commitments.

Search, compare and simulate on different creditors

Search, compare and simulate on different creditors

Look for companies that are different from a direct lender like a bank or a financial one. Today, we know that borrowers need to build a stronger relationship with more creditors and not just traditional ones, but other sources of financing and loans.

Therefore, our informational resources will give you a basic understanding of what you need to research, compare and simulate some services more accurately and confidently when borrowing.

Take a smarter approach to fund your business

Take a smarter approach to fund your business

Nowadays necessarily every businessman or entrepreneur must make important financial decisions with total confidence and security of what he is doing. And, getting a loan for your company can be a big step to success, however, if poorly designed, can be a mess.

Well, the idea is to start each well-suited loan application process to make the most of every opportunity.

Online credit services facilitate access to the financial resources your corporate growth requires. So, feel free to continue here, and absorb the ideas and evolve your business perspective.

Italian Bank for Business Loans

Italian Bank is a loan for professionals and small and medium-sized Italian companies to be turned on in order to sustain the current expenses of the company without caring about them immediately. A certain liquidity can in fact be obtained to allow the holder to concentrate on the development of the activity, without having to worry about finding immediately a different solution every time to make daily payments.

The business loan is obtained quickly

The business loan is obtained quickly

As stated in the Italian Bank principles and is applied to all Bank products. You must bear the cost of the stamp duty on the contract equal to 16 euros if you opt for the solution started through Bank, the financial company that allows you to access this credit.

Features and costs

Features and costs

Italian Bank grants a loan of up to € 5,000 and starting from € 500 credited directly to the Bank current account; each month, depending on the uses made as expenses, a personalized repayment plan is generated with the payment of a different installment on the 15th of the month; for requests approved in the first mee a stamp duty of € 16 must be paid the following month.

You can withdraw from the loan without penalties and you can close any repayment plan when you want, leaving the other plans unchanged; to close the contract definitively it is necessary to pay the sums still due, to close the repayment plans in advance it is instead possible to keep the credit line active without incurring other expenses.

Other ancillary charges

There is no insurance to support the loan. The duration of the amortization period is up to 24 months with installments debited to the Bank account ; the preliminary costs are not foreseen, the annual quota for making the loan available is 40 euros, the monthly commission on credit is a fixed percentage applied monthly to the amount used defined in the contract. The installment commission is free.

The sending of communications is 2 euros per stamp and 1 euro for the costs of sending the annual statement. With regard to the customer’s withdrawal costs and the early repayment of the use of the credit, there is no expense applied to the transactions, only the repayment of any capital used monthly.

Current accounts for professionals

Current accounts for professionals

Italian Bank is aimed at artisans, traders and freelancers, sole proprietorships or natural persons with VAT number; to activate the credit, it is necessary to have a Bank account. If the applicant already has a Bank Office account he can request this loan, but he must migrate to Bank account, maintaining the same account coordinates, but modifying the conditions. 

Documents and amortization

To obtain Italian Bank you must present an identity document or permit of stay for foreigners, your health card, the Income Model with the electronic transmission to the Revenue Agency or the Certification of the Revenue Agency of the code of the VAT number; only for sole proprietorships it is also necessary to have the Certificate of registration in the register of companies or the copy of the Chamber of Commerce’s certificate issued not earlier than 90 days from the request. Once the request is made, a quote is received and, if the credit is accepted, the loan is received. With regard to exposures activated after 24 July 2015, repayment plans exist for 24, 30, 36 months, with options preceded by communications to the customer in relation to the 30 and 36 month plans, optimal solutions for Italian SMEs.

Why do loan interest rates differ by region?

The disparity in interest rates can be explained by the commercial policies of the banks : these organizations are free to adjust their rates, depending on regional competition and their objectives in the area, in terms of real estate loans. Traditionally, the best rates will direct you towards a loan in the big cities , even if they do not constitute your place of residence. 

A rate built according to the commercial policy of banks

A rate built according to the commercial policy of banks


If the interest rates of real estate loans are at their lowest, it is not a question of subscribing blindly: many sites encourage you to make a simulation on online simulators, the differences observed between the different French regions are likely to make you realize great savings.

Indeed, the extremely competitive trade policy pursued by some banks explains these variations. And if all profiles can benefit, we note a special effort made to the best records, which allow the bank to conquer new customers, including profiles called “premium”, the definition also varies by region.

In certain sectors, symbolic barriers have been removed : 2 regions under 1% for a loan of 15 years and 4 out of 7 regions are at or below 1.30% (minimum rate) for a loan over 20 years, excluding negotiation.

However, this comparison is not useful to the borrower because the banks rely on a local rate strategy: none wanting to compete with the establishment of another region, in the extent to which the regional responsibility for handling cases is definitely local.

Are the credit spreads important?

Are the credit spreads important?


After having fallen for a long time, it seems that fixed rates are stabilizing now : a movement that concerns all French regions, since October 2016. Note the observation in our network of an increase in some cities like Perpignan …

On the basis of 42 mini rates studied, or 7 regions with 6 durations, 37 of them have not changed in a month. While knowing that the 4 rates having fallen knew variations of the order of -0,02 and – 0,05 point.

Regarding average rates, the decline in interest rates is more significant, while being very reasonable : 23 of the 42 rates recorded a drop of – 0.05 to – 0.15 point. For example, on loans of 15 to 20 years, it is possible to obtain mortgages between 1.40% and 1.60%, depending on the region.

Can we borrow in one city and buy in another?

Can we borrow in one city and buy in another?


In order to optimize your borrowing conditions, it is quite possible to buy real estate in a city that is not his place of residence . Ideally, it is best to look for an organization in a location with a high concentration of banks, in order to compete with each other. Indeed, for some sites, the strategies of conquest of banks are practiced on the whole territory, because their objectives are also very ambitious in Province. However, a major difficulty then arises: the competence of the bank !

At , we think that the purchase of a property is definitely associated with the borrower’s place of residence – be it the acquisition of a principal dwelling or a rental property . And due, the competence of the banks remains local to take charge of the file. Indeed, as it is customary to claim the domiciliation of income, it is, for example, extremely difficult to be financed by a bank in Lille while you live in Perpignan.

Compare bank offers based on key criteria

Compare bank offers based on key criteria

In all cases and whatever the banking criteria, it is advisable to address several establishments to compare the offers . The Scrivener law imposes on each of them, the formalization of their proposal, with mandatory information, such as the amount to be repaid (with or without insurance), the details of the costs or the terms of the credit. All elements intended to facilitate comparison.

It should be noted that European law imposes the APR, which takes into account the nominal rate, the insurance of credits, the fees of the files and the brokerage fees (free at ). It is also worth comparing the management fees (associated with the domiciliation of income almost always required) and the home insurance, which can be part of the counterparties requested by the bank.

What to do when loan rates go down or go up?

When interest rates fall, borrowers can study the impact of a renegotiation, compared to the costs incurred. And, failing that, mention a redemption of credits, if the bank is not willing to renegotiate enough. When rates go up, it is possible to switch your credit into a fixed rate, if it was built on a variable basis. In any case, the assistance of a broker is recommended to negotiate the costs generated by these operations and help you to fully measure their feasibility.

Real estate loan: rates fall, what to do?

Real estate loan: rates fall, what to do?

Should we renegotiate or buy back his credit?

Before starting a renegotiation of interest rates with your bank , you must know the costs associated with this operation:

– Early repayment indemnities (IRA) – can not exceed 6 months of interest on the outstanding capital and 3% of the outstanding capital.

– The application fees , up to 1% of the outstanding capital.

– The costs associated with the guarantee , up to 2% of the outstanding capital, under a mortgage guarantee, the most common.

Beyond these costs, it is also a question of taking the right measure of the operation at the level of the borrower insurance. Variable between 0.10 and 0.40%, its rate directly influences the total cost of credit. But all the assurances are not equal when one looks at them carefully. Finally, we must take into account the evolution of your personal situation and the possible resale of your property in the coming months.

If your bank does not give you complete satisfaction in this negotiation, you may consider consulting another institution. In concrete terms, this will result in a redemption of your current home loan .

Note that it is possible to obtain satisfactory renegotiation conditions in a different agency , while remaining within the same bank.

Real estate loan: rates go back, what to do?

Real estate loan: rates go back, what to do?

Switch your variable rate loan to a fixed rate?

Switch your variable rate loan to a fixed rate?

As part of a rise in interest rates, the only room for maneuver you have is to tip your mortgage in fixed rate, if it was built with a variable rate. This clause must be included in your loan agreement.

Note that there is also the fixed rate option , allowing borrowers to switch the rate on each anniversary date of the credit. An option to follow the market and protect yourself from too much lift.

Naturally, the transition from the variable rate to the fixed rate is not without costs . Not to mention that, justified by a rise in rates over the medium and long term, this transaction will systematically generate a fixed rate higher than that of your initial credit.

More radically, you can choose to compete and decide to obtain a new mortgage by paying off your current loan . There remains, again, to properly assess the costs associated with this approach, including the level of prepayment penalties.

A strong or lasting change in rates – downwards or upwards – implies asking the right questions, depending on the economic situation and your personal situation.

Negative Rate Loan – What Does it Mean?

Have you ever heard of a bad loan? For the moment, this is just a trial, but today it could replace the loan at zero rates.

If you are looking for a convenient personal loan, then discover the initiative in collaboration with your credit: here is all you need to know!

A negative rate loan is convenient but limited to 1000 euros.


Zero or negative rate loan: what is the difference?

negative rate loan

You have certainly heard of the loan at zero rates. When you ask for this loan, the “APR” item of interest on the loan is zero, so don’t pay it. It means that you do not pay what the bank’s earnings on the loan (= your interests).


With the negative rate loan, however, the APR has a front down. What does it mean? It means that when you finish paying the installments, you will pay less than you received on loan. The TAN, on the other hand, is the interest charged on the loan as the cost of money. Quiet, these interests are very low: in fact, they are 3% for a negative rate loan.


How is it possible? It is a scam? Absolutely not! The negative rate of personal loan is a small amount loan, where everyone wins: the loan seeker gets something extra, the proposer gets a new customer! In fact, like most loans, a current account will be needed to obtain it.


At the moment, this is just a start from the most important site for online loans, but know that the market is changing! This is the beginning of a series of loans, which will reward you first for the mere fact of having chosen it!


Negative personal loan: how it works

Negative personal loan: how it works

To get this “discount” on the loan, you don’t have to make special requests or fall into the disadvantaged categories. In fact, it is not a temporary facility provided for by law, but an initiative by us.


How does it really work? Here is a practical example for you: if you request 1000 Euros with an APR of -1% (= negative rate) and TAN at 3%, you will return 989 Euros at the end of the loan. Since the bank cannot take the interest out first for accounting reasons, you will have on your account 1054 Euros, where the 54 Euros are the interest to be paid and the remaining 65 Euros (= 1000 requested – 989 returned = 65) will remain in your pocket when you have finished paying the installments.


Even if the interest is negative, the credit institution has its advantage: it offers a loan with lower interest, therefore more convenient! If you choose, instead, you have a small “prize” and pay less than you actually asked for at the end of the accounts.


What are the delivery times?

The loan with negative interest is part of small loans. So, within 24-48 hours, if the documents are in place, the loan amount arrives on your current account. You will have to ask for the loan only from 1000. For the moment, it is a promotional loan, so in this way, we ensure the correct payment with one year of installments.


Who can request it and how to do it?

To obtain this special funding, the requirements are:

  • Preventable income, even from self-employment.
  • Greater age.
  • Don’t be protested or bad payers.
  • Complete the payment of the installments within 2 years of the request.
  • Have a current account.

You can apply for the loan, therefore, if you are: an employee, a freelancer, a pensioner or a self-employed person, but you must have paid all the loans required before this.


In this way, you can pay for your holidays, manage unexpected expenses, pay for studies, medical expenses, or even buy a house or pay some debt.


How to apply? Go to the official page we, write the amount at the top right and why do you want that loan (= you can also place only “Liquidity”, but you will find in the drop-down menu the choice that is right for you!). Finally, complete the form that appears, request your loan and wait for the scheduled time.


Negative rate loan: apply now!


The negative rate loan is currently available only on the official site with Your Credit.


The installments will be taken from the current account. Request a negative rate loan now!

Fast Loans for Bad Payers – Find out What They Are

Are you looking for a fast loan but have you been reported as a bad payer?

Nothing could be easier, unfortunately, you find yourself in the same situation as many other people.

Since you are here, you probably have not yet found the loan that you can also ask for as a bad payer. We can reassure you, there are some possibilities for you too.

 even for bad payers, there are quick loans available


The fastest loans for bad payers

The fastest loans for bad payers

If you have been reported, the chances of receiving any fast loan are reduced, but not as reduced as if you were a protestor.

We tell you right away that the chances of making a normal personal loan as a bad payer are not good. In this situation, personal loans are hardly granted, even if you have a guarantor or a guarantor without any notification in the past. But don’t be discouraged, some solutions are still possible.

Here are possible loans even for bad payers.


Personal loan loans

Personal loans are currently the only personal loan that can also be granted to bad payers.


Loan changed at home

The loan is a quick solution, yes, but in terms of interest payable, it is often the most expensive. We recommend that you choose the bills of exchange only if you cannot opt ​​for any of the other possibilities listed here.

More information can be found in our guide to loan changes.


Employee loans

The salary assignment is ideal for employees and retirees. Even with a specific work contract, you could qualify, but it depends on the loan repayment period and the amount requested.

It is usually the most easily accessible loan, provided that you have the requirements, ie a work contract or the perception of a pension. Thus, it is more easily granted, because the condition for this loan is only one, even if you are a bad payer.

Given the fact that this form of loan involves not only you and the bank but also the employer, waiting times for the loan can be longer.

So: think carefully if you can wait for a little to get a loan with more favorable terms in exchange for personal loans that are more expensive.


Delegation of payment

The payment delegation is aimed at employees with permanent contracts or retirees who already have the fifth assignment. In this case, a so-called double fifth can be made, which is also called the delegation of payment.

As a consequence, you will then be charged 1/5 of your paycheck monthly and in addition another sum that depends on the amount of the first fifth monthly amount.


Bad self-employed payer

Bad self-employed payer

The solutions are seen above regarding the assignment of the fifth or the delegation to payment are feasible for bad payers who have a pay slip. The fact of being able to request the transfer of the fifth benefits those who, despite being bad payers, need a loan. Just the pay slip protects the bank. In fact, this will certainly get back the money lent by the employer which will reduce them from the salary of the bad payer. As for the situation of self-employed workers who turn out to be bad payers , things get complicated. This is why we have dedicated a separate article to him.


How to know if I was reported?

reported loan

If you have missed the payment of at least 2 installments in the past, you have been reported as a bad payer. Upon the delay of the first installment, you will have received a communication from the bank requesting payment within 15 days.

The second delay of an installment is reported as a bad payer without notice from the bank.

But to whom does the bank report bad payers? This is a credit information system, commonly called SIC. There are several, but the best known SIC is called Crif, which stands for “Central Financial Risks”.

So if you remember having already received the first communication from the bank and you have been late and have now missed a second installment, you can be sure that you have become a so-called bad payer.

If you are a private person and not a company, it is free to search your credit details. However, if you are in a hurry you must, unfortunately, pay for a program.

Home Loan Guarantee: All You Need to Know

The home loan guarantee, better known as a mortgage life loan, is a credit formula that has raised considerable controversy in our country since its introduction into the law, which took place in 2015 with law number 44.

It is, in fact, a formula that according to many observers would be dangerously unbalanced in favor of the body that delivers the money, going in practice to retrace the limits of bare ownership in certain aspects and adding other negative elements. Precisely for this reason, it becomes necessary to get the best information before opting for the adoption of a similar loan.


What home-based loans are and how they work

What home-based loans are and how they work

The loan with home guarantee, better known as a mortgage loan for life is a formula designed specifically for users who are at least 60 years of age and who intend to find additional liquidity by offering a home in exchange for which a house is turned on. mortgage.

The interested bank, in turn, corresponds a part of the market value of the house by carving out precise rights on its property. The sum in question varies on the basis of the appraisal carried out for the assessment and in particular, can attest to:

  • 15% for those who are 60 or slightly older, growing with increasing age;
  • between 50 and 55% where the age is around 90%.

However, the calculation of the mortgage loan varies according to the person who proposes it, based on the policy adopted in this regard, which may depend on various types of factors.


The difference with the bare ownership

As you can see, the lifetime mortgage loan is reminiscent in many ways of bare ownership. The substantial difference between the two formulas is that in this case, the possession of the house remains with the subject who asks for it, giving the possibility to redeem the mortgage to his descendants, but only once the death has occurred.

However, the reduced convenience of the operation has, over time, given rise to considerable doubts among the experts, as the heirs have the task of returning the sums received by the beneficiary, choosing between three options:

1) the repayment of the loan, in order to redeem the property, communicating the decision taken no later than one year after the death of the beneficiary;

2) the sale of the property, the proceeds of which will cover part of the amount due to the bank and the remainder will be divided among the heirs. However, the operation must guarantee both the same by ensuring that the amount of the residual debt does not exceed that of the sale, that the purchaser making the pending disputes that may hinder the sale vain;

3) transfer the property to the bank, which can, in turn, sell it without having entrusted the task of evaluating it to an expert in independent theory. Once the sale is implemented, the bank will retain the part of the proceeds that it is entitled to, paying the remainder to the heirs.


Early termination of the annuity

Early termination of the annuity

 Home loan guarantee

It can also happen that the mortgage annuity is terminated early. An eventuality that can occur when:

1) the owner of the annuity dies and the heirs leave the building to the bank, which can proceed with the sale to pay off the remaining debt;

2) with the beneficiary still alive, but unable to pay the monthly installments consisting of interest and expenses, 7 times, even if not consecutive. To trigger the definition of delay, payment must not have taken place between the 30th and 180th day from the agreed deadline;

3) where the partial or total transfer of ownership of the property given as a guarantee or of the other real or beneficial rights imposed on it occurs;

4) where acts are carried out whose effect is to significantly limit their value.

Once 12 months have elapsed from the occurrence of one of the conditions mentioned without the beneficiary having repaid the loan received, the lender can proceed with the sale of the property at market price, to which 15% must be reduced. for each year up to the time of sale and use the proceeds to cover the remaining credit.


Tax treatment

When considering an instrument such as an annuity mortgage loan, account must also be taken of the tax treatment to which it is subjected. Which is the specific case involves some facilitation, that is:

  • exemption from stamp duty, register, cadastral and mortgage taxes ;
  • exemptions from taxes related to government concessions, but simultaneous payment of a substitute tax equal to 0.25% of the amount disbursed by the counterparty if it is a first home and 2% in the opposite case.

For the entire duration of the loan, the beneficiary must then continue to pay the taxes due in the event that the property in question is not first home or is, but returning to the category of luxury homes.


Does the annuity mortgage loan work?

Does the annuity mortgage loan work?

Those who apply for the mortgage loan do so naturally to have additional liquidity, perhaps driven by the reduction in their income capacity. However, this is a possibility that many analysts indicate as not very convenient, due to the high costs that characterize the mortgage loan on the home.

Suffice it to say in this regard that the mortgage loan proposals of institutions such as BNL or Unicredit offer interest rates that currently travel at about twice those applied to traditional mortgage loans.

A characteristic that the experts assign mainly to two factors: the uncertainty on the value of the home at the time when the sale will take place, which could take place even after decades and the financial and managerial charges that the bank must undertake to carry it out.

Precisely for this reason, the sum that is granted by the institutions that have adopted this formula is to be considered quite contained, ultimately making the product itself unattractive to the target audience, ie the elderly owners of homes.

The exponential growth of the debt deriving from the annual capitalization of the interest on the sum disbursed must then be taken into consideration, which above all in the case of a long life expectancy can finally erode in a fairly narrow period of time the entire value of the property offered in warranty.

The same value in question is then determined by an expert appointed by the bank, which will inevitably lead to favoring the subject with whom he usually collaborates. Moreover, in the case in which the buyers are missing in the first phase, the price established by the appraisal is reduced by 15% per year.