With 17 nominations for Best Actress and a “batting average” of 0.607, she is the most decorated actor in Oscar history.

Meryl Streep’s 17 Best Actress nominations include this year’s nod for her performance in “The Post.”


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Most actors dream of landing this role that earns them an Oscar nomination. And then there’s Meryl Streep, who is so revered by her peers that just staring in a movie makes her more likely than not to win a Best Actress nod.

This year Oscar nomination for her role as newspaper editor Kay Graham in “The post office” raises Ms. Streep’s Oscar batting average to 0.607. With 17 nominations for Best Actress in 28 years of qualifying, she is quantifiably the most decorated actor in Oscar history, now in her 90th year.

Daniel Day-Lewis, who received his sixth nomination in 12 years of qualifying for the top male actor award, is in the running for “Phantom thread”. He increased his best actor average to .500 with this performance, which he has says it will be his last.

Only Greer Garson, nominated seven times in the 14 years of qualifying, matches Mr. Day-Lewis’s rate.

Streep Series

Meryl Streep is in contention for an Oscar for “The Post,” her 17th batting for the Oscar for Best Actress. Here’s how she stacks up against other Hollywood heavyweights.

Qualifying performances against Oscar nominations and wins for the main performance

Performances (% nominees)


Oscars won

Meryl Streep

28 (60.7%)

Daniel Day-Lewis

12 (50.0%)

Greer Garson

14 (50.0%)

30 (40.0%)

Katharine Hepburn

23 (39.1%)